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Did you know there are more than 38,000 species of mushrooms that have medicinal uses? Wow! We are so excited to present our newly upgraded MycoForce. Now with cordyceps and lion’s mane. Medicinal mushrooms offer a wide range of support for thriving in the modern world, with deep roots in ancient healing modalities like traditional Chinese and Japenese medicine.

Reishi Mushroom
Shiitake Mushrooms

Reishi has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for at least 2,000 years and has been documented in the earliest pharmacopoeia texts in Asian culture dating back thousands of years. The first recorded use of chaga dates to seventeenth century Russia, where it was widely used in folk medicine. Maitake has been part of traditional medicine for centuries in Japan and China, mentioned in Chinese medical texts from the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. – 220 A.D.). Shiitake has been known in China for at least 800 years and has been used as a popular food source as well as an age old folk remedy for many ailments. Tea made from lion’s mane mushrooms has been used for centuries in traditional Japanese herbalism, primarily as a “tonic.” Cordyceps has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine, treasured as an amazing resource for well-being.

The cultivation and extraction process used in the making of MycoForce is modeled after the traditional method of medicinal mushroom cultivation and preparation. Certified organic mushrooms are grown naturally on substrate materials native to each particular mushroom. These mushrooms are grown in greenhouses with natural lighting and natural fresh air flow, cultivated on a farm tended by real people, not in a laboratory managed by technicians.

Organic, wood‐grown fruiting bodies of shiitake, maitake, reishi, cordyceps and lion’s mane, with wildcrafted chaga, are extracted using a 1:1 hot water extraction method. A hot water extract is a very simple and effective way to concentrate mushrooms and at the same time make them more bioavailable.

The mushrooms are finely ground and remain intact as part of the final extract. This results in a mushroom powder yielding 100% functional ingredients. The spray drying process used is unique and does not require the use of carriers or drying mediums, but are sprayed back on the original medium so to include all the mushroom, which includes the fiber.

High quality mushroom products have high levels of beta-glucans and low levels of starch. It is well established in scientific literature that the 1,3-1,6 beta-glucan (immunomodulatory compounds) are one of the most active compounds for immune support. These are the most important compounds in mushrooms. The majority of scientific research done on medicinal mushrooms is based on beta-glucans. Since each type of mushroom has a slightly different beta-glucan fraction profile, we combine these different beta-glucan fractions, thereby producing a more complex and ultimately effective immune response for daily immune support.

The final blend of MycoForce is tested for identity, heavy metals, microbial activity, and gluten. All our herbal extracts contain no solvent residues. We use water, CO2, or alcohol extracts only. Individual extracts are tested for solvents and component assays to assure purity in production. Finished products with extracts are also tested. We package our finished product in our EcoFresh Nutrient Lock Packaging™: recyclable amber glass bottles, include oxygen absorbers, and use airtight metal lids, to ensure the ongoing integrity of each product.