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Why are our products continually changing?

We at HealthForce SuperFoods® are constantly striving to improve the quality of our products. As we source better quality raw materials, or develop an improved formulation, we upgrade our products and this is reflected by a new version number. When a version number changes by just 0.1, usually the ingredients in the product remain unchanged, but we have simply changed the relative percentage or upgraded the quality of one or more of our ingredients. Version number changes by a whole digit, from 5 to 6 for example, are indicative of more substantial formula upgrades. Sometimes these formula changes come out of inspiration (when new research or availability of new raw materials give us the ability to make an upgrade to the product), and sometimes they come out of necessity (when a raw material is no longer available that meets our quality standards and thus forces us to make a formula change, as in these cases the only alternative to a formula change would be compromising our quality standards, which is not an option for us).