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Why are our herbal extract formulas offered in VeganCaps™ instead of liquid tinctures?

With herbal extracts, we can offer higher potency and therapeutic value in capsule, rather than liquid form. All herbal extracts start in liquid form with a liquid solvent, usually alcohol. With the exception of alcohol sensitivity for some people, there is nothing inherently wrong with consuming the solvent along with the herb (many well-respected herbalists use extracts in liquid/alcohol form). However, higher potency and concentration can be obtained by evaporating the alcohol, so all that is left is the herbal extract itself. To enable the highest potency, this is the process that all HealthForce SuperFoods® herbal extract products undergo before encapsulation. Products that include herbal extracts are Liver Rescue™, CircuForce™, Antioxidant Extreme™, SCRAM™, and Intestinal Movement Formula™.